Simple and affordable backup software with BackupAssist
Finally... small and medium businesses can enjoy a secure and reliable data backup solution... at the fraction of the price of the enterprise packages!

Are you neglecting to protect your valuable data because you're too busy with "real work"?

It's a fact that most businesses don't backup their data. After all, backup is boring and often neglected because it doesn't make you any extra dollars. For many businesses, managing a backup system is a major hassle, especially for staff already struggling to complete their daily tasks.

Even of those business owners who do backup, most do it poorly. Many believe it's sufficient to just burn a CD or DVD of their data. Unfortunately this method of backup is often flawed because the backups are done casually ("whenever we remember" - sometimes not for weeks) and it's a manual process that's prone to human error. Even if you remember to burn CDs every day, it's easy to forget to burn every single important data file. And just like a second-hand parachute, you only find out that your backups were flawed when it's too late!

What businesses need is a formal backup system... a proven set of procedures that ensures your data is backed up securely and in its entirety. A proven system runs like clockwork, giving you a foolproof framework for protecting your data.

Up until now, the backup software that gives you such a system has been hideously expensive and complicated. Fortunately, this has now changed with a new, innovative product called BackupAssist, which is now used by thousands of businesses in 58 countries.

BackupAssist is the ideal backup program for small and medium businesses. It's a simple, affordable software package that lets your backups run on autopilot. It manages all the components of a comprehensive backup system - scheduling, monitoring and media rotation - out of the box, so that even non-technical users can have a bullet-proof backup system without being a computer genius.

BackupAssist's features are designed to automate the backup system, thus minimising the amount of time and effort spent managing backups, while at the same time increasing reliability. Setup is a breeze, with configuration wizards taking the user through each step. Implementing a rock-solid backup scheduling is as quick and simple as choosing one of several preconfigured, industry-standard media rotation schemes.

BackupAssist's daily email reminders ensure that staff never forget to insert the correct tape or disk into the drive, and notifications are emailed to the user after each backup to ensure that failures never go unnoticed.

In short, BackupAssist is an ideal backup solution that allows staff to concentrate on the business' core activities rather than worrying about backups. It also provides a foolproof backup system for the business' critical data at a very competitive price.

BackupAssist provides an affordable, reliable, and effective backup strategy for small and medium organizations. It provides 21 essential features needed for a secure and complete backup system, including advanced scheduling, monitoring and supervision.

It's designed for ease of use - even for non-technical users. With its user-friendly graphical user interface, simple user instructions and pop-up wizards, setting up your backup jobs with BackupAssist is easy and fast. Any business can set up a complete backup strategy within minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

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BackupAssist provides a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the more widely-known brand name products that are up to 4 times as expensive. It's now the prefered choice in backup software for thousands of businesses in over 58 countries worldwide.